Five things you should consider during hiring process

Five things you should consider during the hiring process

1. Communication

The most important aspect of a candidate’s experience is communication. Proactively communicate in advance details of the hiring process such as how long the interview process will take, change in the hiring process, number of interviews, and interview type (personal, technical) virtual or in-person interview. The most important is clear information on compensation and benefits package before the interview started.

2. Focus on what missing in the resume

It is a good idea to focus on what missing in the resume concerning the job requirement. Make sure at least 90% of skills are covered in the resume and other capabilities that the candidate needs to perform on the job. Make sure is there any big gap in his or her employment history.

If you want to expand your candidate pool, hybrid or remote work is very attractive to current job seekers. Candidates are typically interviewing for three or more positions at a time, so it’s far more likely they will select a role that provides flexibility. Consider that three in five positions now offer a hybrid opportunity.

3. Strong professional Relationship

Give importance and much respect to candidates so they can feel more positive and happier to work with you. Always take feedback from the candidates during the hiring process. This helps you consistently improve your recruiting process which is essential in a competitive job market. An attractive industry reputation can maximize your chance of attracting applicants.
Maintaining relationships with candidates is another critical factor. With remote work, more opportunities are now available, and there is wider access to candidate pools. Candidates should be considered for a variety of positions, too. If a candidate isn’t hired for one opportunity, be sure to save their information, so they can be considered later for future opportunities.

4. Why candidate accepts your offer

Ask yourself, why do these candidates accept your position instead of many other offers they are receiving in today’s market? So, candidates have options, so the hiring manager should clearly explain to the candidates the benefits of working in your organization. Talk about the career path of a candidate and promote the benefits of working for their organization and use the market data.

5. Compensation and benefits package.

Compensation is always important and will always remain a priority. But now employees are more interested in additional benefits and employers can offer such as remote or hybrid flexibility. Employees are also very much attracted to flexible work schedules, additional PTO, tuition reimbursement, or something as simple as free Friday.

Boosting benefits packages can help companies attract and retain top talent. and differentiate their offers at a time when candidates are receiving multiple competitive offers simultaneously.

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